Financial Knowledge Conflict-Free and Copyright Policy

The Financial Knowledge mission is to provide financial and benefits information and adheres to a strict code of ethics in all aspects of business operations to protect employers, employees, and instructors. Financial Knowledge strives to create a learning environment without conflicts of interest.

At Financial Knowledge, all classes are taught in a classroom environment. Financial Knowledge instructors provide the knowledge and life skills needed for individuals to make their own financial and benefits decisions with confidence. Financial Knowledge prohibits its instructors from selling financial products or offering advisory services in the classroom. Financial Knowledge does not have any affiliations, partnerships or agreements with any other firms including those that provide financial planning, investment advisory, tax planning, employee benefits consulting, accounting, banking, brokerage, legal, or real estate services. Moreover, all courses conducted by Financial Knowledge are for the sole purpose of general education and do not provide specific investment or financial advice.

All course materials, including workbooks, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations, are the copyright property of Financial Knowledge. No part of these course materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anyone without permission in writing from Financial Knowledge. It is further understood that any and all course materials that Financial Knowledge develops including course materials that incorporate employer plans are the copyright property of Financial Knowledge. No one may record the classes provided by Financial Knowledge in any manner (including, but not limited to, audio recording and video recording) without written permission from Financial Knowledge.